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appreciating old people

February 21, 2007
It's good for old people to be able to interact with others. And younger people can learn from them.
We can appreciate and use the talents and experiences of retired elders. I think it is a shame to overlook these individuals who want to share and interact. In modern times we do not spend enough time with other age groups.

John and Tom of the True Love Cafe

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

If you love someone you will be able to focus on many aspects of an individual's beauty. I believe that each individual is endowed with many talents and gifts. Normally we do not stop to see each other deeply, but love makes us see more of the person.

Paradoxically most individuals do not understand nor appreciate the talents and beauty they possess. So we need people who love us to show us our souls.

I see beauty in many individuals who do not understand that they possess it.

John of the True Love Cafe

happiness and prosperity for all

Life is not a zero-sum game [net gain = net loss]
We've been taught at an early age that resources are limited, that we must compete against one another and adopt an adversarial attitude. In other words if there is a winner there must be a loser. In terms of love, most people also believe "there is not enough love to go around". However I believe that love is not limited, that love is not a competitition, it's simply the expression of one's heart for another, and each individual can potentially gain fulfillment.

John and Tom of the True Love Cafe

choice in life

This past week I saw a movie called "The Departed". It made me remember my father's statement that no-one is born 'good' or'bad', that we are basically 'grey'. However, I know that most individuals know in their hearts what is wrong or right, and that it is important to follow our hearts. We choose for ourselves whether to follow our hearts or not.
John of the True Love Cafe


My friend Tom one day said "If life hands you lemons, make lemonade". That same week my friend Linda said "In every cloud there's a silver lining". I thought it was unusual that these two individuals would state something similar in a short period of time. I understood that I must focus on the situation at hand to basically make lemonade out of lemons that life deals me. This happened a year ago, and it seems true even now, and I am certain it will be true in the future.
John of the True Love Cafe


January 19, 2007
My observation is that during the holidays, people tend to be generous & polite. However, immediately following the holidays this behaviour pattern changes dramatically. People tend to exhibit petty, rude and hostile behaviour. It is shocking to see such drastic change in behaviour patterns in a short period of time. I wish everybody prosperity and happiness for this new year.
John of the True Love Cafe


December 23, 2006
Julius, one our regular customers, made an observation that he has never encountered as much philosophical discussion in a place before. I was disturbed by the comment because I had a negative view of "philosophical" things before. So I asked Tom what "philosophy" meant, and he proceeded to explain that "philos" meant affinity and that "sophos" meant wisdom. Therefore, philosophy means an attraction to wisdom. So I asked myself Why do I try to obtain understanding of things in life, including people, this world and this universe? My insight was that gaining an understanding of things helps to cleanse the garbage in my mind and heart, and it helps my heart and soul to breathe.
John of the True Love Cafe

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Regardless of one's religion or cultural background, we at the cafe wish goodness and happiness to all.
I believe that life is harsh enough; I truly wish happiness in your lives each and every year.
John Lee of the True Love Cafe


December 04, 2006
We have been taught that "family" is a genetic relationship. However, I've come to realize that family are people that we care about. And now my understanding is that potentially many individuals in this world can be part of my "family". We are not separated by culture, language or geographical origin. Our hearts connect to those of others of kindred spirit. This sounds like a cliche but it is really true.
John of the True Love Cafe

Love music

First insight: out of the different kinds of fields I've studied, only music and poety express the soul. These artists are able to confirm that the spirit exists.
Secondly, I've found love is a non-adversarial interaction, where one side does not have to win or lose. There is harmony, like in music; it's a sharing. I've come to understand that life is about passion. Things like love show me that I exist. During normal daily activities it's easy forget this. Love music reminds us of the deeper things. I've come to realize that everyone can be a winner, and that losing is not necessary. Not all things need to be adversarial.
John of the True Love Cafe


Since I was a teenager, I have endeavored to be strong. Strong in body and in spirit. However, I believe that I mistook independence for strength. For example there is a popular conception that you shouldn't have to change yourself for your lover. I have come to realize that I am willing to change, and that this does not diminish my strength. And I have come to realize that independence is a concept inconsistent with living and loving. Another kind of strength is being able to stand up for what I believe in, even when it goes against my social group: strength to believe what's in my heart. With age my physical strength is diminishing; I ponder whether the strength of my heart and soul and spirit is diminishing too. "No man is an island."
John of the True Love Cafe

October 16, 2006
Ok. I guess I will not be able to post an insight per day...Anyway, I saw "Tristan & Isolde" two weeks ago. Good romantice movie. However, I was concerned that Tristan died in the end. It reminded me of "Titanic" where the male counterpart also died.
I would like to see more movies of love where the couple get old together.
John of the True Love Cafe

September 25, 2006
Some people believe that love is a simple thing. For example, many believe that love brings happiness in the absolute sense. However, I have experienced that there is much pain, frustration, and suffering also. Even with the suffering, I have found that life is best when there is someone to love...
John of the True Love Cafe

Romantic Movies

September 13, 2006
This past saturday, I saw a French love movie called "Jeux D'Enfant"(Love Me If You Dare). It affected me so much that I think about it every day. There are other romantic movies that I like as well: "When Harry Met Sally", "Sleepless In Seattle".... There are many good movies.
One of the reasons that I enjoy such movies is that it provides stimulus for me to think about my own life: the mistakes that I have made or just remembering the happy moments...and hopefully I can learn in order to correct and make right many things in the future...
John of the True Love Cafe